the true value of ART

I just had a realisation.. and it was quite big as these things go.  

The realisation was this:  I never placed any value on my art, I didn’t see the innate value that it gave to my life,  I didn’t value how much it gave to me.  It didn’t matter how good or bad or whatever the piece was that I was working on, it was never good enough. 

I now know how much value it has in my life since I have come back to creating. I am as happy and centered as I have ever been, I have stopped trying to make it be SOMETHING of value (ie monetary) and have just allowed it to be part of my life and my being and the joy that creativity brings is the true value.  

WOW how deep was that?  Also I am going to have some of my pictures published in a book, which tentatively comes out this september..keep you posted 🙂


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