A Pink Giraffe…

I’ve been meaning to get around to this for, well, since I made the space giraffe and before the  assignment comes out from Carla for the April section of The Year of the Giraffe, but what with all the Owls and other things I’ve been up to I feel a bit artistically over committed :-P. Oh and then there’s the pregnant guinea pig in my lounge which is due to have her babies any day now and keeps scrapping with her cage mate so I have to keep breaking up furry altercations!

One of the girls at work asked me if I could make her a pink giraffe so here it is – sucker feet and all!  Quite proud of Netty actually and that I actually managed to get it done at all being so easily distracted

Pink Giraffe close up

Netty is made of Pink hand dyed calico (left over from the Cotton Expo project), with a yarn tail and horns, a netting mane and Inktense spots which I added after she had been put together. Oh and of course sucker feet!

Side view

Side view

Rear end view

Rear end view


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