Ideal Audience

I’ve been doing an online course called Inspired Income which is from a lovely and very interesting lady called Dori Etter and today’s video and assignment was on our audience.. who are they and what are they like? Once we know that then we can figure out how to market our business toward them, provide them better service and well, plain just be of service to them.  I have to say that this exercise rang very, very true with me and I ended up making a poster of my “Ideal Audience” But then as I was doing the written part of the poster I was thinking to myself “is this my ideal customer or my ideal me?”  I think its both. I found it to be a very thought provoking exercise and If you are interested you can find Dori’s free Inspired Income course over here.

Here’s the poster:

Ideal Customer? Ideal Me?

Ideal Customer? Ideal Me?


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