At 8 hours old


11 thoughts on “At 8 hours old

  1. Mom’s a cutie. Feel free to bore me at will. Waiting for my own Annie to have her pups, yours are probably more noisy and awake by now.

      • Everything baby guinea pigs do is cute and hilarious. Though my Eleanor (who died last fall) had ONE baby, and she was a WONDERFUL Mama, but watching Eleanir hold the line with baby Wentworth that — at NO time EVER was he allowed to sit or put his butt in the food dish — was hilarious. He would be perched with all four tiny paws on the edge of the dish like some kind of psychotic bird, butt hanging over the edge. It will be interesting to see who Annie and Wentworth’s babies will become. Annie was partially raised by Eleanor too, so they’ll have good manners, that’s for sure. 🙂

      • Oh thats so cool… I wish mine had such good table manners! they take turns at sitting in the food dish and generally they just tip it over and graze off the blanket..I love how they all look like little wind-up toys right now..

      • All feet and ears and fluff. My sister and I each have a herd (size TBD on mine), they’re so much fun always. Dish sitting is not tolerated by me for any reason at any time, usually I chase the older punk pigs (who know better) out by whacking a paper towel roll on the side of their box. I was glad when Eleanor taught kiddo manners (well both of them really) so I didn’t have to. I did have to show her and Wentworth how to nurse though, which tripped out my friends/family (“Wait, you did WHAT?! HOW?!?!?!”). It’s easier when there are siblings to gang up on her because someone figures it out and the rest imitate. My guy kept coming at it from the wrong end and biting, so E. would run away. She also gave him a tour of their box and then told him he could sleep over there…couldn’t figure out why little dude kept FOLLOWING her and not staying put. New moms, what can you do?

      • Hahahaha.. Ichi is overjoyed with the new cage mates (ichi is the only survivor from Pastelsworths first litter) she didnt have anyone to play with before so she is zooming around like a fool :). Pastelsworth was on of my neighbours free range pigs which he gave to me, so she has no manners whatsoever and doesnt look like she’s going to learn any either! So I have a bunch of unruly little critters.. but they are so awesome and never fail to make me laugh, i really dont care! Do you have any pics of your herd? I now have fourteen, seven outside boys and the two girls and five pups.

      • There is ONE picture of Annie, these are mostly of Wentworth (though there are a few of his parents as well). The rest of the herd isn’t here yet.

        Watson is still alive, he belongs to my sister, but Eleanor died the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving last fall. I brought sweet Annie home to perk her up, but what I thought was loneliness turned out to be terminal illness, probably cancer.

      • All so gorgeous!! I know what you mean about the only pig thing tho, Ichi was the only surviving member of her litter and just wanted to play with Mum all the time but Mum was not having it as she was too pregnant to do much but be grouchy lol this is itchy and you will find a photo of smurfette (who turned out to be a boy) here:

  2. Well, the thing is, the ONLY other guinea pig Wentworth ever knew — until Annie — was Eleanor, and he only lived with her for three weeks. He HATED me for the first six months of his life because I was the source of his solitude and misery, but we’re super close now. He honestly didn’t know how to be a guinea pig until he met Annie. His temperament is good enough that he *might* get along well with a son for a cage-mate. Eleanor is much-missed, and was very loved (she had the most beautiful death ever). Annie, however, is alive and well and presently eating.

    • Apologies.. I did mean Eleanor, I am sleep deprived :-P, had car failure and had a close call with a rather nasty dog all before 8am.. been a rough day so far.. but it can only get better.

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