Fetootling Around

I just made that up – Fetootling – Cool word, it means mucking around with intent, playing and achieving something.. or something like that 😛 Its hard to say really.

Another semi busy week, I don’t have to be back at work till Friday which feels like a massive break and always I had great plans for all the things I was going to achieve and as usual I haven’t gotten half way to where I want to go, I am on a bit of an artistic, slightly uninspired go slow, There’s no two ways about it!  I really want to attack the book that I have started to put together BUT I’m scared so I keep putting it off..perhaps I should have read that copy of Susan Jeffers “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway”? I cleaned the house (house inspection today), Went to the library and returned the twelve art related books I had been hoarding, sent away my entry for the Australia Cotton Fibre Expo and signed up to do a course in Life Coaching. Oh and did some study for the course I started last year and still haven’t finished .. really must get past that fear of failure!

I did however make this book cover which started out as something completely different involving crochet blocks and ended up as this random textural study involving absolutely no crochet what so ever hahahaha.. I kind of love my randomness!

This is made from black calico, mesh yarn, ribbons, grey yarn, cheesecloth and metallic thread.. No crochet!


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