Studio(s) – I am Lucky

I am forever grumbling about lack of space and storage  and all the usual creative people grumblings – wheres my eraser? what did I do with that tube of medium? why are the rubber gloves in the wool stash??? For the love of god don’t touch that everything will fall off and there is potential that you might be forever lost in a pile of fabric.

Then I got grateful.  I am lucky that at my house I have been able to take over our two spare rooms as my studios and and have a large garage where I can do all my fabric painting and dyeing without getting paint on our lovely (rented) varnished floors and off white walls.

Well I’ve been dreaming of spacious light filled studios with street access and massive foot/car traffic I forgot be glad to have what I have, however small it may be, as I know there are hundreds of people out there who live in cramped conditions or shared spaces that are lucky to get near a kitchen table or bench and store all their art stuff in a box under a something else.

So as I said I have two little studios with a view of our street and sometimes the guinea pigs as they roam the wilds of my front lawn.  One studio is for sewing and fabric work and the other is my painting, printing and contemplating studio.  I am truly lucky.

What is your studio or creative space like, leave a comment 🙂 Oh and if you do happen to know anyone who owns a big bright airy studio….



One thought on “Studio(s) – I am Lucky

  1. Studio space is so precious!! I have a combination room that house my studio, my essential oils/herbs/soap making, my photographic and web design businesses and squeezed in to a corner is a sewing machine. Not a lot of space to move around but its mine and I am grateful to have it! You’ve prompted me to share my art studio (corner! LOL) 🙂

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