Long Time No Post

Hard to believe that I haven’t posted anything on here since April! But then it’s not that hard to believe either .. A lot has been going on around here, I have left my job in favour of starting my own business, which as you can imagine has consumed a large chunk (all) of my time and I am now eating, breathing and sleeping coaching!  Which is great because it is stretching me in new ways that art doesn’t.

That is not to say that I don’t find art challenging at all, because I do and it is.  I am however the kind of person who requires people around me and as my studio is not quite big enough to hold more than one person at a time, I need to do something else as well.  I had also previous to this been concentrating on my photo blog (also a little neglected currently). And I haven’t giraffed in nearly two months (apologies to Carla and the other giraffe groupies!).

Having said all of that I haven’t been completely creatively idle, I have completed two large wall hanging commissions and a few book covers for my market stall (See photos below) Mostly I have been crocheting as it is small and portable.  Lots and lots of crochet.. Owls, Jellyfish keyrings, fuzzy fingerless gloves and odd beret type hats.. Hey its keeping my hand in.  Am looking forward to more studio time soon 🙂


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