Last week I got plastered and today I dyed…

Fun with plaster bandages

Fun with plaster bandages

Yep last week I got really plastered lol. I went through about 6 rolls of plaster bandage that I’ve had lying around since god knows when. So much fun but oh so messy.. I had that shit every where, down my pants, all over my favourite boots, on the floor and through my hair. At least I was in the garage this time .. last time I was in my art room and I had plaster all over the lovely polished floor boards (dont tell the landlord) lucky it comes off easily enough once its dry, phew!

So now I have a bust, an arse, two masks and three bowls with no idea what set me off into making them.  I’m sure it seemed brilliant at the time! It would probably help if I wrote down these ideas before I go off on a half-cocked creative bender!  I’m sure I will think up some thing cool to do with them.. maybe landscapes on them, maybe mixed media? I will contemplate for a while.

Today I dyed…Fabric. Its been so long since I’ve done any it was such a joy. Out in the sun fooling with wax and dye, Bliss.  I’m trying a technique that I used to used with procion to see if it creates a better reaction and more vibrant colour than what I’ve been getting. I love a good experiment. I will post photos when it’s done. YAhoo! Other than that I have hatched another idea so watch this space I will post it here when its done (I’m not saying any more than that) 🙂

Anyway Happy Art-ing till next time



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