Snowy with a Chance of Bean Bags…!?

GalapoGus Bean Bag  XL

GalapoGus Bean Bag XL

Me stuffing as opposed to stuffing up a medium sized GalapoGuy

Me stuffing as opposed to stuffing up a medium sized GalapoGuy

A very slow race down the hall...

A very slow race down the hall…

So again it’s been a month since I posted on here and so much has happened since then .. I have had my exhibition confirmed at Timeless Textiles in Newcastle, I thought I had snagged a larger studio but I’m not sure it’s going to work .. long story, wont bore you :-p but may have other space up my sleeve, just have to get over talking to strangers (ok I’m over it) and make a phone call… then wait and see.

What else has been happening?  I have done my first public speaking engagement, completed a set of wedding invitations and decided to make giant turtle bean bags, and call them GalapoGuy’s and GalapoGirls.. why?  Because I can, and besides that I have to also do something really different for my market stall as things are flagging and I notice that a lot of my stuff is similar to other peoples – which is fine but I need to bust out and do something much more me!  So behold the bean bag ! I am also thinking about making dinosaurs and a giant giraffe.. again because I can and I really just want to bust out away from owls and patchwork which I seem somehow to have fallen into ..OH Dear God NOoooooo! Not that there is anything wrong with patchwork and owls or even the two combined (guilty) it;s just so done to death.

I think I need to actually become more rampant in my creativity  dare to dream BIG and play BIG In fact I had insane urge to create an extremely large quilted giraffe and use suction cups to suspend it upside down from the ceiling of the gallery .. but appearantly its a really big deal and I would do well to take the exhibition a little more seriously… But I never really was one to take to much seriously and prefer my unusual version of life 😀 In fact the other week I decided that my life was a bit like Hogwarts – Full of magic and mystery and you never know what’s going to happen next, I still don’t have a flying car though:-P

Till next time



One thought on “Snowy with a Chance of Bean Bags…!?

  1. Flying cars are real, so keep working on that dream! What happened about the studio space? Tell me when I see you next xx

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