Giant Giraffe

Extreme Close Up!!

Extreme Close Up!!

Yesterday I spent a large part of the day creating this rather large Giraffe, after I had cleaned the house had lovely visitors and spent time on skype talking friends.. ok so it didnt take me most of the day … BUT it did take me about three hours and then an extra twenty minutes or so today to go over the spots and hooves to get them nice and spotty… I think that he is really fabulous, but I have to say that I am looking forward to getting a big studio as my house is over run with critters….and they are getting bigger by the day 🙂 This guy here is nearly a metre tall and “ate” almost a whole kilo of fibre fill,  Thankfully polyester fibre does not cause stuffed animals to produce gas!!

Giraffe LArge


If you would like to buy him you can find him at my Etsy store – which I have added a whole bunch of new goodies to




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