Classroom Time or time to have BIG FUN

Hi 🙂

It’s again been a while since i posted on this blog, and frankly I’m just going to stop beating myself up over my inconsistent blogging, we live in an information saturated world and to think that anyone may be up late losing sleep over my blogging behaviour or lack there-of is just ridiculous…

I’ve been busy, I’d like to say quietly busy but that would be a bald faced lie, I am not in any way, shape or form quiet. I finally have a studio! oh yes a real one with LOTS of space, shelving, tables and everything.. its very exciting, very exciting and it means that not only do I have the space to work on bigger projects and do stuff for my exhibition next year I also have room to teach –  OHHH Yeah!

I have been looking forward to being able to share what I know with other people and creating a place where people can come and learn something new that they never thought they were capable of or brush up on old skills and more importantly hang out with like minded people.

You can find out more about the studio at The Living Studio which is so cool, I get a place to coach, teach and be me –  Ah the bliss!

Here is the timetable for October and November this year Classes Timetable I invite you to come and experience something different, discover your creativity and have a lot of fun.. because when it comes to art and craft _ If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!




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