A Question of Cosmetics

Not prepared to be photographed with dodgy cosmetics.. Sasquatch watched the proceedings with interest

Not prepared to be photographed with dodgy cosmetics.. Sasquatch watched the proceedings with interest

A few weeks ago I read an article which disturbed me, it was about how some of the best known cosmetic companies in the world are allowing their products to be tested on animals so they can be sold in China. Some of these companies have been saying for years that they don’t test on animals. So these companies have been lying to us…Not bald faced lies but cosmetic covered lies. As an owner of a small tribe of Guinea Pigs I was dismayed to discover that products that I thought were all good were in fact not.  So I made a choice that I would stop using my cosmetics and replace them with cruelty free products. Whenever I had to use the stuff that I had until I could afford to replace them,  I thought about all the animals that were harmed in the making of me being stink free and presentable… Major Guilt. 

Vote With Your Wallet or Your Feet or …

Today was they day that I was finally able to replace my cosmetics. YAY! no more guilt! So I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard and loaded everything I currently had into a box so that I could go through them and check what was good and what was not. Here is the pile that is going in the bin…

Major Brands.. Major Bad Guys

Major Brands.. Major Bad Guys

mmm disappointed

mmm disappointed

There is more to go too, but that is next weeks mission when I have the money to replace the rest of it.  So I discovered a couple of interesting things while sorting all this out – Mary Kay which has been cruelty free for twenty years now allows animal tests to be conducted by the Chinese government so they can sell their products in China, and they don’t keep their reps well informed as I just recently bought the lip gloss in the gold box after being told by the rep that Mary Kay is cruelty free. Sorely disappointed – out it goes. On the up side of that one though some of the money from the sale goes to breast cancer research (or at least I hope it does!)

The other thing that I found out is sometime cheap does pay off – Major bonus to discover that BYS an Australian owned brand that sells cheap as chips cosmetics is against animal testing DEEP JOY – love the coloured mascara!  they aren’t on the PETA list or CCF ‘s list either but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, so that got to stay.

stay of execution...

stay of execution…

So here is my new stash of make me look at least normal cosmetics and it didn’t cost the earth! More joy!

New 1

Cruelty Free Goodness

Cruelty Free Goodness

The cosmetics are from Face of Australia, who are on CCF’s list of certified cruelty free companies, I did some detective work in the Big W with my phone :-). The face and body cream (which I have been using for a while) is from Titania’s Dreamy Delights and is rich and gorgeous if like me you have skin that seems devoid of any moisture!

Anyway we can create change, even if it’s in a small way in our lives. We can vote with our conscience, our feet or where it really hurts businesses that are not prepared to do the right thing – with our wallets. If in doubt, don’t buy it. Just my thoughts anyway 🙂

Wishing You love, light, laughter and PETS!!


One thought on “A Question of Cosmetics

  1. I also feel the need to make sure make-up I buy hasn’t been tested on animals. I love my guinea pigs and hate to think about the poor ones who suffered for some fancy lipstick.

    ~ Amy

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