2014 – The Year of the (Up)Cycle



Ohh the graphics came out a bit smaller than planned. Never mind – you get the idea 🙂  I have sort of been scratching my head about what I am going to do creatively this year.. No idea. The giraffes are done with and I didn’t keep up any way, did my best but I am dreadful with distraction.  I am building a business which you would think would be enough, with a part time job, clients and a tribe of guinea pigs to look after , oh and the getting back to my health plan.. Its not though, I mean building a business is creative in itself but I need to tinker and make!  So this year I go back to my childhood roots, when I had a sewing machine that my Dad purloined from the dump (before that was legal!) and start Upcycling clothes again and I even feel that some furniture might be up for a bit of waht for as well.. Who knows where it all might lead? Who really cares .. its going to be fun. I wonder if the “very serious” gallery will mind upcycled, recycled, unicycled stuff for my exhibition??  Just a thought!


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