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I’ve had this rolling around in my head for quite some time, well actually ever since I attended my first market as a stall-holder and it’s about time I got it off my chest. If you are someone who is easily offended by peoples’ opinions then you should immediately go somewhere where your delicate sensibilities will be cared for i.e a nice coffee with your Nana or something like that.

Children Hanging 800x800

Children Quote Wall-Hanging 800×800

It is rude to stand in front of someones stall and say  that something is “too expensive”.

As an Artist and Maker I am going to tell you that this is just plain rude…Everything on an Artist/Maker’s stall is handmade. You have no idea of the hours of hard work and planning that go into making that hand made journal or cushion cover or ceramic dish.  These pieces are NOT mass produced out of a factory in Asia where some poor person is paid for a weeks work less than you make in an hour.  These pieces are ideas from the makers mind, painted, dyed, thrown and glazed, using equipment that costs a lot of money. Years of practice and training (which we paid for) have gone into the piece you are claiming is “Too expensive”. Artists and Makers do what they do because they love their chosen work,  Some of the pieces that Makers produce take HOURS. The hand-dyed journal with the $15 price tag might represent 3 hours work.. would you work for $5 an hour, before tax?

Whooter Family

Whooter Family


Don’t stand in front of someones stall and say “I could make that…”

Maybe you could.. well good on you, go do it. The chances are that you wont, because you don’t have the time, the energy, the ability or equipment.  As I said above Artists and Makers spend years and a lot of money on education and equipment. If you can make that item, then great go get onto it. If not but you would like to be able to .. ask the stall owner if they would be willing to teach you, 9 times out of ten, they would love to show you how it’s done. If you are just being mouthy .. go someplace else.

Teal and Yellow A5 Journal Cover

Teal and Yellow A5 Journal Cover

To those who understand and support Handmade .. THANK YOU!

As Artists and Makers we put a lot of planning, experimenting, education, personal time, failures, practice and a whole bunch of other things into our work, we appreciate the support of our customers and followers immensely. You help us do what we love to do, even under some very trying circumstances. We get a real kick out of the enjoyment you get from what we produce, Thanks so much for you understanding, love and continued support. Thank You for appreciating the effort and time that goes into what we make, thank you for “getting” the handmade ethic.

To those who are looking for a “Cheap” bargain product…

Go to a bargain store where everything is imported and someone is being under paid and over worked in hideous conditions to make that mass – produced,  soul-less trinket.





3 thoughts on “Market Etiquette

  1. Here Here! (took me a bit to find you again) thanks for dropping by my blogger blog and leaving a comment. I followed you there only to find you had left a while ago LOL
    I’m probably going to have to figure out how to get my own website happening soon or remain at the mercy of glitchy free blog sites huh 🙂

    You’re doing well! Great blog!

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