You have a voice -so use it!


Congruency – n.  The quality or state of agreeing, corresponding or being congruent.

Its when your internal beliefs and values match your actions.  Its saying YES and following through on that promise, whether it be a promise you made to someone else or a promise you made yourself .  On a personal level you know that you are congruent when you are in a state of FLOW. When everything is “coming together”. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that life is easy… sometimes being congruent means not being popular, going out on a limb, taking a risk.

For me being congruent is about not just accepting what the world hands me unquestioningly. For me it’s about asking questions, asking why and not settling for societies norms.  Its about caring deeply about the planet that I live on and the things that happen on it.  Its about caring for people and animals, taking steps in my own life to change how things play out.. not accepting the high priced, well marketed make-up because I know that company tests on animals.  Not buying products because I know that the parent company abuses workers rights, or has an agenda that they are keeping well hidden. It’s being picky about what I put in my body because I want to get the best out of my life and if my body is a fucked up wreck .. then that’s going to make having an awesome live rather difficult. There are many other things, that I will and wont do because it puts me “out of sorts” aka non-congruent.

So I have a voice  and part of my flow, my congruence, is to USE it. For a long time I have kept quiet about things that I care and am passionate about because I didn’t think that what I had to say was of any value and I was all “who am I to do/say that?”. Actually who am I not to?

And now back to you my valued reader 🙂  Are you living congruently with your values?  Do your beliefs support your values? Do your ACTIONS show what you genuinely deeply care about?  Are you using your god-given talents and skills to be your voice?  What do you want to change?  Do you care about – parenting, human rights, workers rights, animal welfare, stopping war, human trafficking, the youth of your community, ending domestic violence? is it all of those things or just one of them, maybe it’s something completely different.  What ever it is you do have the power to be the change or at the very least start the change. Surround yourself with people who care deeply too. Be brave, be bold, be quietly confident, BE YOU.

Live honestly, laugh constantly, Love freely and start doing the things that matter most. You have the power to change.



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