Fast and loose..

This flier turned up in my letter box on the weekend.. it must have been hand delivered because it was a holiday weekend and the postal service was out for eating easter eggs 🙂  as was everyone else.. being as it was Easter!

Sounds tempting eh?

Sounds tempting eh?

It looks and sounds very tempting, even though its very plain and picture-less, it go me thinking. It has great key words like Fast, weight loss, risk free trial offer blah blah blah, hmmmm. Something about it aggravated me though and I couldn’t figure out what it was and then it dawned on me:

Great tasting, Clinically proven weight loss program

What is this telling you?  What it tells me is that this is an attempt to sell you product, disguised as a weight loss program.  Sure you will probably lose weight (you generally do when you go on a diet, especially one that consists of shakes and very little else) and fast.  But what this wont do you is EDUCATE you. O.k you will learn how to pop pills and whack together a “great tasting” something but you most likely will not learn about what you body really needs to lose weight and stay healthy and keep it off for the long term. You might get one to one coaching – but will you get coaching that really deals with the heart of the matter, with someone who actually genuinely CARES about your life and your outcomes?  Will it be coaching that gives you tools you can use in multiple areas of your life or will it just be dealing with the surface and keeping you “on the program” because its about sales? I wonder and am very curious to hear if any of you have every joined something like that and what your experiences were?

From my perspective I have 20 years of personal experience with weight loss, management and dealing with a fucked up body image. I approached mine from the perspective of education and self care and wanting to make a difference not only in my life and the lives of those around me (if they want it!) I have studied and trained for most of that period of time and what I have is a set of tools and strategies that WORK.  I know that there are no “quick fixes”. weight loss is NOT one sizes fits all and very often has very little to do with what your eating and everything to do with why.

Even Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are becoming more open about the fact that weight loss is not a one hit wonder. It need to be a multi-systemic approach, and that it may take several attempts to get it right. At the end of the day weight loss is not a quick fix, drink a shake, eat a bar deal, it is a life time approach that includes education, sustainable change and help from those who get that.

I personally am on a mission to change the way we think about diet and weight loss. I want to change the way that people view the food they eat and ultimately themselves, because at the end of the day what we (as a species) is doing to our health is not working and we do have the power to change. We need to demand better from ourselves and the system. We simply must stop seeing this as an issue of how to lose weight and start seeing it as an issue of how to get well, not just for you and me but for our friend, family, children and ultimately our planet. I am asking you to join me, learn what I have to share, help me change the way we do things.

You can go here to sign up and grab a copy of my ebook.. its just the start 🙂

Big Love,





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