Get Up, Stand Up – For what is right

Ok so it was a bit of a rugged one at work tonight and god help me if anyone from work reads this but here we go….

I went to work tonight in a particularly good place (mood) only to encounter grumpiness at every turn. Every one it seemed was out of sorts and then I got my punch to the stomach, my beloved colleague and friend had had her contract revoked, without consultation.. no discussion what so ever because she had asked to work reduced DAYS not HOURS. It happened in the staffroom in front of other colleagues. Unprofessional, unethical and at best very barely legal.  needless to say I cant give you all the salacious details here BUT I am angry. Angry because I work in an industry that I love, with people who are good, contribute in many ways and have so much to give, WHY should they (we) be afforded less, just because we are at the coal face?  Should we really be at the whim of people who have arrived at their position because of attrition and have no skill – who consider themselves leaders but do not lead and most days barely manage?

There is a lot of attrition in this industry. in the 5 months I have been working where I am a large amount of people have left.  Many of them lower management, some pushed, some by choice.  Either way it doesn’t matter. They are no longer there, which is shameful and one would hope a little embarrassing for a company that espouses team values and “room to be yourself”.  A good company realises the value of its greatest asset – it’s people, An amazing company realises when it has great people and works out how to get them to stay .. not says – you are frustrated and unhappy, perhaps you need to find somewhere else to work. A great company asks its people what they think, considers it and offers them options, it doesn’t cut their contract  without consultation and leave them feeling unsupported and alone, while it looks for the next sucker, cannon fodder,  employee. Neither does it deny a casual worker days off (applied for weeks in advance) because it feels that this young person is not loyal. For crying out loud we are casuals! you have no loyalty to us. The great company does not press its employees to leave other jobs, but asks “how can we provide you more because you are valuable to us and we want you on our team?”

At the end of the day hospitality is a great industry with so much to offer but unfortunately it is an industry where so many are taken advantage of in so many ways. All I am saying is – if it’s shit, stand up for what is right, if not for you then for the person beside you or who is coming behind you. You can make a difference, so do it. Do it now.

Big Love





One thought on “Get Up, Stand Up – For what is right

  1. Unfortunately todays industry has no loyalty to employers or employees. We live in a throw away society and people are included. In a time of disposable people when there is someone else lines up to take a position you don’t count. The more you give the more blood is wanted. There are far and few supportive employers around..

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