Creating Change

The 3 levels of creation


So I have been reading a book the last couple of days that I have trouble putting down so that I can go to sleep .. that in itself is not unusual, what is unusual is that it is a book about wealth creation, normally not a topic I am interested in, but hey, I recently turned 40 and on my birthday I was saddened to discover that I am still in the same (metaphorical) place that I was when I turned 30. BUMMER!

Sure some things have changed.. I have stopped smoking, my hair is greyer. Other things are still the same.. bank account contains next to zip, still working part-time in hospitality .. still not liking it, still watching people be unfairly treated etc etc etc. So as we do at big events like birthdays and new years I decided it was actually time to make a change. The main area of change that I am interested in is creating wealth, which is something I am soo not familiar with, because I have finally cottoned on that without wealth I am less able to affect change. In fact my chances are next to nil.  Enter the book.

Its hilarious because the same principles that apply to weight management apply to wealth.. Holy shit, who knew? Clearly not me!

So here we have then the three levels of creation .. which I think will work for just about anything from money to weight management to relationships…

So Check this out every where I write the word rich switch it for weight loss and watch what happens….

Most people want to be rich .. they say things like “oh Hell yea, I want to be rich” but that is as far as it goes, if it lands in their lap they will take it but other that that they aren’t willing to work for it…

Some people choose to be rich, which means they have made the decision, which is greater, it’s better than simply just wanting it. Decision comes from the Latin word decidere – which means to kill of any other alternative.  It means you now HAVE to do it, whether you really want to or not.

The ones who actually make it to rich COMMIT to being rich- the definition of commit is ‘devote oneself unreservedly’ This mean these people have taken a no holds barred, I will do whatever it takes approach to getting rich. No excuses, no blaming, no elegant justification, just getting the fuck on with it. That is why they win. I should add that 99% of people who get rich do it in an ethically and morally sound way.

So the take home here?  It turns out that the difference is commitment. Commit today to getting wealthy, managing your weight,  having amazing relationships.. whatever it is that you want, choose it and then commit, unreservedly!. Post below what you are going to commit to. Mine is wealth…..Let’s see what happens.



One thought on “Creating Change

  1. I live in a beautiful apartment by the sea and I have lots of nice stuff but none of this makes me smile and feel as satisfied as chatting with my kids, spending time playing on the ground with my grandbabies or walking on a beach with my partner and my dog.

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