The numbers don’t add up…

Don’t believe every thing that you read (hear)…


We live in a very now, now, now world, a society where everything has to be instant if not quicker! And just as with get rich quick schemes, so it is with weight loss or probably even more so!

The fact is that the developed world is getting fatter as is the developing world (well appearantly the developing world is actually getting fatter faster). Everyone wants the perfect body (and the life to go with it) and they want it yesterday.

The statistics and fact speak for themselves – The Quick Fix/ Magic Pill is NOT working and in fact I believe there is a distinct possibility that this style of diet is contributing to problem.

Those in the know have conducted study after study and they all say the same thing – Out of those who reach their goal weight, 90% of them will gain it back within TWO years AND they will gain extra. That is a pretty appalling statistic if you are in the market to lose weight it’s not very inspiring or motivating! Tell me how people gaining back weight plus some is helping fix the “Obesity Epidemic”?

I have noticed various websites that bandy about how much weight their clients and members have lost over the time they have been running – “Our members have lost 700,000 kgs to date” – That’s fantastic for those members and I am happy for them BUT it is also a great marketing. Ask these sites how many of their members have made their goal weight (or other benchmark) and stayed there for 2 years or more and I am going to guess that that could be a different story altogether. Possible one that is not quite so sensationalist and marketable. Look at it like this:

if you have 100 members and they all lost 10 kgs in 2 months, that’s a 1000 kgs, right?  Awesome stuff… 2 years later out of your 100 members, 90 of them have gained back the original 10 kg’s and added an average of  an extra 2 kgs = 1080kg and you only have ten original members who have kept the weight off = 100kgs.  1080 – 100 = 980 a total loss of 20kgs off the entire starting group… obviously the numbers would be different over time, this merely an example.

What’s my point? It is simply this: Don’t take diet programs at face value. Ask what they offer you to help you maintain your success over time – Perhaps the big numbers are attractive, but what about other benchmarks such as improved self esteem, improved quality of life, increased happiness, improved lifestyle and improved wellness? These are ultimately the things that we be better to ask about and take notice of.

You are more than just a maths equation 🙂



Big Love





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