When what you are doing doesn’t work….


You are a creature of habit

and so am I

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We humans are all creatures of habit, like it or not.  We tie our shoes the same way, put our clothes on in the same order, hang out with the same people at the same places day after day. If you eat out I would bet that you order the same food 7 out of ten times Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pasta?. We drive the same way to work.  We wear the same colours most of the time, look in your wardrobe if you need proof. We have our favourites and we stick to them.  Most of the stuff that we do every day is a pattern, a habit, a strategy.  What we are doing by route every day will bring us to the result that we want … clean teeth, full belly, shoes that won’t fall off when we walk, It how we stay safe, certain and comfortable.  Some of this routine or habit is conscious but most of it is sub-concious.. we aren’t even really aware of how we arrived at the well tied shoes .. we just know we got there.

There is nothing wrong with that at all – hell, I like my friends, my exercise routine and sometimes I even like my job.  I like the food the food that I eat, I’m glad that I can dress myself, even if I sometimes do a poor job, I still manage to get out of the house covered in some manner. Most of the stuff that I do in my life is awesome, even when I do stuff that I do sub-consciously I get a good result. I really have nothing to complain about, at all.  And besides if I did complain, nobody is listening… I’m joking.

The problems arise when what we do doesn’t get us the result we want.  We all have a thing that when it happens it irritates the shit out of us and we really have no idea why we do it, but somehow we manage to justify it away.. things like “ I just need the pressure of a deadline.. “ when you have to get that assignment or report done and you’ve literally left it to the last minute and you’ve had to stay up half the night to get it completed .. even though you’ve had six weeks to get it finished.

These habits are ingrained and far-reaching. Like what I said about liking my food and exercise routine.  I eat food that I like that is mostly what people would consider healthy, I love vegetables, eggs and meat. Nothing fancy, I base most of my meals on plants and add a little bit of other things.  My exercise routine – it’s very much the same length every time and I base it on a short but intense cardio session followed with intense tabbatta style weights.  I love it, it’s fast, often ouchy, it’s sweaty but it gets me the results I want. These are sub-conscious ingrained habits. But it wasn’t always that way.  If you know a little about my story then you know I ate a LOT of crap and did sod all exercise. I grabbed whatever was convenient food-wise and the results were less than satisfactory .. eventually the pain of that situation got too much and I forced myself to learn new habits, the old model just was not working.

I see this a lot when it comes to diet and exercise with other people. They complain that they don’t like their body, their size or their health but because their sub-conscious habits or patterns are so ingrained that whenever they try to change,  they fall back to whatever they are doing.. continue to get the same results and wonder what on earth is going on. Alternatively they use elegant justification to explain their situation “it’s genetic”, “I’m big-boned” or perhaps the body builder version.. “‘I’m in a bulking phase right now”… Yeah, whatever! Habits and patterns are amazing things,  I could look at your results this year and tell you what your results are likely to be next year.. in fact I probably don’t need to tell you, think about and you can figure it out yourself. You might not like that thought very much but you do have a choice here. There are always choices.


Taking the easy route…

As humans we are also wired to take the easy route and frankly I have absolutely no problem with this. Why do stuff the hard way if it’s not necessary? Just go with the flow, as they say.  Sometimes though, the flow is not the way forward and as one of my mentors is fond of say “if everyone else is Zigging, then I Zag” which means when everyone is doing one thing, she is doing the other.  In real world terms if everyone else is doing what is always been done, she’s doing it differently. She is watching what the successful people are doing and does that.  “Going the Flow” is just doing what every one else is doing  and getting the same results as them. The thing with get thin quick schemes (shake diets, detox diets, anything that promises miraculous results) is that the results are often less than stellar and the cost (not just financially) can be extremely high. This is what many people are trying for, hoping that the fast way will be easy (and will outsmart their patterns) and  frankly it leads to mediocre at best.

People who are truly successful at anything do not do what everyone else is doing. They look at their patterns and habits and they change them for a better set.  They know that the path to Lean/Healthy/Rich is not a fast path.  They know that when a habit is not helping that they need to change it if they want to get a different result. AND they stand on the shoulders of giants, meaning they follow in the footsteps of those who have the results that they want.  They leave no stone unturned in their attainment of what ever it is that they have chosen. this doesn’t mean that they do it harder, they just do it differently to most people. They follow a different model.

What if that direction/model were quitting chasing the holy grail of a perfect body and getting happy with who you are and where you are now? What if it were finding out why you do what you do, rather than just accepting that this is how it is?  What if it were modelling someone who has what you want and has been there and done that before you, who is being successful – instead of trying to reinvent the wheel or go with the flow?

You can be like water and find the path of least resistance to your results, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in the main flow, a river has many paths to it’s destination.  The main flow of the river only generally changes a small amount with time and becomes more and more entrenched, giving you valleys. When the main flow meets resistance it either pushes it aside or wears it down. Where as tributaries and smaller braids can change their path very quickly. When they meet resistance, they change their path instead of trying to wear down the resisting force.

So the point? The take home or whatever you want to call it? If what you are doing is working for you then keep it.  If what you are doing is not working, find a new way.  Just because that’s how it has been doesn’t mean that that’s how it has to be in the future. Beware of fast, easy, and cheap and what the bulk of people are doing, because that will lead to the results that most people have. If you want awesome results then look at the habits and patterns of people who have what you want and do what they have done.

If your diet and exercise habits are not working change them.  Get help from those in the know and amazing successful lasting results!

Here to your very awesome results



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