5 Reasons People Are Like Light Bulbs


Photo By Life-of-Pix at Pixabay


Don’t you just love it when you get to catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in ages?  I do ..especially when they are one of your best friends and when you do catch up its always a full on, get- your- brain- in- gear kind of conversation.  I was luck enough to have that happen this past Sunday, My friend and I usually catch up every second Sunday but for one reason or another we hand’t talked in a month so we had a lot to talk about.  The conversation flowed on and we got around to energy levels and energy flow and I made a comment about how people are like light bulbs.  This off-hand comment has had me thinking now for a couple of days and the more I think about it the more I think that it’s a great metaphor, so here we go

Five Reasons That People are like Light Bulbs

All Light Bulbs Have a Purpose

You didn’t see that coming did you?  No, I’ll bet you didn’t 😀 But seriously all light bulbs have a purpose – some are utilitarian , They light our homes and offices, while others are specialised like Christmas tree lights.  Many light bulbs are multi purpose – just because that bulb is in one place right now doesn’t mean it cant be moved and fill another light socket!

Light Bulbs Have Different Energy Outputs

Yep, you know it – some are 40w ambient lights. they use put out a small amount of light just enough to make your lounge cosy and warm. Others are 2000w floodlights, they burn so brightly that they change they way we look at and see things around us.  There are a huge range of wattages in between and all of them are valuable.

Light Bulbs Come in a Variety of Colours

Gone are the days of a plain ol’ tungsten light, now we have halogen, led, cool, warm and a myriad of colours – Which just makes life so much more interesting!

Light Bulbs Come in all Shapes and Sizes

You get ’em in all shapes and sizes form your tiny little LED book Lamp to freaking huge globes .. always have been in all shapes and sizes and always will.. enough said!

Light Bulbs Can Behave Differently

I mean seriously, what would a good night club be with out a strobe light? Some flicker in an annoying fashion (like that one in the office that drives you nuts), some pulse, some are on a sequence and others are constant with very little change. There are light bulbs that you have to tap to get them to work, some are just plain quirky!

Light Bulbs Don’t Last Forever

Just when you least expect it, the light bulb conks out.  Some burn bright for a short while and then die, others last for ages and you don’t even notice until they stop. Some come from the factory and they have a fault that means they don’t work in the way we expected  and others never really get started before the die.  Usually when a light bulb dies it leaves you floundering around in the dark for a while. Sometimes they are irreplaceable and sometimes you can find another source of light – it’s not the same but it gives you light in a different way. Advances in technology mean that light bulbs however tend to last longer than they have in the past…



Go out and Shine!





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