Which Way is Success Again?


We all want it…

You know you do .. you sometimes want it so badly- the thrill of the chase is exciting. It gets the blood pumping, it helps you to leap out of bed in pursuit of that thing called success. It’s hot property, it’s the star of life’s show, it’s how we are sold to and how we sell to others. The house, the car, the clothes, the diet, the plastic surgery you name it, it’s all the trappings of success. Somewhere inside all of us know that we are destined for greater things than where we are now….

What happens when…

What happens when it all goes wrong and we, ahem, fail? Well a lot of things really. For some it leaves a bad taste, for others that particular four letter word beginning in F and ending in AIL (or Ale, if you that way inclined!) leads to all sorts of other negative consequences – Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, a sense of being lost, giving up.  It can also lead to blaming and shaming – ourself and others.  Was it all a distraction, a waste of fucking time or was it a learning experience….?  Those who are successful know that it was a learning experience and they learn from their mistakes.. others realise before the point of failure that they are on the wrong track and its time to switch gears… Time is never really wasted in this regard…

What I have learned

Not obtaining “Success” is a first world problem.  Ok so you don’t have the big house and the fancy car and all the other trappings But you do have a bed to sleep in under a roof that doesn’t leak, and you have food in the fridge you are doing better than 70% of the planet.. So you didn’t make your goal weight?  again a first world problem.. you have food, doing better than a lot of people!

For me Success is an experience, the ability to choose how you spend your day.. if you don’t like your job, it makes you miserable.. change it!  You can aim for the stars and all the other worldly trappings of success on the way, Just remember that being happy with who you are and what you do is part of the battle of success, the other is noticing when you aren’t and being willing to change.  The biggest key to success is really just being o.k with where you are now.

The Future will NOT Change you…

You have to change the future but you can only do that one step at a time, one day at a time.. Quite often people think that when they are rich etc then all their problems will magically melt away like an ice cream on a hot day .. Not so. Success comes with its own set of inherent issues .. if you don’t like you who you are now, you aren’t going to like you with money any better!  So as I said in the last paragraph .. start being o.k. with who you are now, where you are now and change the things that don’t work so  you will be happy and be experiencing an already amazing, joyful and successful life.

Just one woman’s opinion 🙂



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