Who am I and Why am I here?

For those of you who are following me and read my very sporadic posts .. I am doing blogging 101 in an effort to be more consistent in my blogging habit.  In case you haven’t guessed I have a lot to say (I spend a lot of time thinking) and sometimes I get worried that if I actually write half of what I think I will be shot down in flames … So blogging 101 is an attempt to get over myself in a digital information kind of way.

I have been studying coaching (life coaching not sports coaching) for the last 18 months and work with people on eating and body image issues .. something I have a reasonable amount of first hand experience in but I started this blog as an artist – I draw, I paint, I take photographs (see my 365 project blog) I crochet, I sew, sometimes I get really crazy on it and make sculptures.  The truth of the matter is that I stopped making art in favour of coaching and now I miss the blobs of titanium white in my hair and smears of charcoal on my face!  So how do I integrate all of that?  Maybe it’s just about helping people live a more artful life?

Life is like a work of Art.. you create it because if you don’t you stay stuck as a blank canvas, white page or a lump of clay. We are pure potential waiting to be moulded into our true form or a better more empowering version of ourselves, We, as people, are a story waiting to be told…

So I am Jay – an artist, a speaker, a writer, an owner of guinea pigs, a coach, a partner, a lover of life and a human and I am here to realise my  potential in a way that (hopefully) adds value and humour.

Mr Pigglesworth

Mr Pigglesworth


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