Career or Not to Career That is the Question…Or is it?

Man I have spent a long time studying .. in fact I would say that I have probably spent as much time studying as I have working in a “real” Job actually … all in search of my almighty career, my purpose, you know – that thing that I am supposed to be doing with my life that makes me a million dollars so I can retire at a youngish age and get on with living my life.

Youngish is rapidly disappearing into middle age and as much as I am not particularly comfortable with that, it’s the truth and maybe I missed the point with all the searching and studying –  What if it was never about the career or the job?

The Reality is…

That there isn’t room at the top for everyone and while we are all running around trying to be unique and important, the fact of the matter is so is everyone else (in the western world) which make us pretty bloody un-unique. And while we are being unique just like everyone else, looking to make our mark etc, etc life and living seems to get lost in the mix for a lot of us. Tim Ferris says in his book the Four Hour Work Week something to the effect that “mediocre is full” and maybe  that’s true, just like there isn’t room at the top for everyone … So where does that leave us?

What if…?

What if there was room for everyone in all the spaces in between rock bottom, mediocre and top of the food chain?  You know there is … what if it was just about getting on with your LIFE now instead of waiting for better things, more money, a bigger house, your business to take off, to win lotto… instead of waiting for someday to come, because in the meantime life keeps on moving

What if it was actually living my life NOW instead of waiting for the million dollars to accrue in my bank account? In spite of my rather disparate set of qualifications I am pleased to say that I have a rather groovy life that I live in in the space in between work and study and looking for the thing that I am supposed to be doing.. So I think that I will stop searching for a while and be a waitress who writes a blog about anything and everything, helps people get over their food shit, takes photographs, revamps furniture and generally has a really good time … Oh and looks after guinea pigs (cant forget that bit, very important and pivotal part of my life).

“Maybe in the searching we forget to see what we already have”

Perhaps it’s actually time to really stop trying desperately to conform and just BE … Hmm just a thought. So that’s enough navel gazing for one day – now for a cute animal picture –

This is a picture of Sasquatch… he lives in my laundry 🙂

sasquatch sept 17 2014


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