Fit for Living Artfully



Today’s post is something just a little bit different… it’s all about exercise, baby!

In a former life

I was a fitness instructor/ personal trainer.  I used to chase people around, yell at them to go harder, cajoled them into one more rep and a few less calories. I enjoyed it, there is nothing in the world like people paying you to be helpful and mean at the same time!  I learned how to “move” people long after I had started down the fitness track.

I have been exercising most days for the better part of two decades .. or twenty years (holy shit that’s frightening!)  and what I have learned is that when I stop exercising nothing physically bad happens but on a creative/psychological level things get a bent out of shape… well a lot bent out of shape. My creativity turns off, I sleep way too much, eat poorly and generally go to shit – I can barely string a sentence together, focus goes out the window and productivity down the drain. It’s pretty uncool to say the least.

Living Artfully is

More than just paint, colour pencils and being a bit clever.. it’s a holistic approach to being alive. Part of that is being fit and healthy.. sure, get drunk, take drugs, sit on the sofa watching t.v and eat a load of crappy food if that’s what you want to do.. I have no problem or judgement with that, I just know that I would prefer to live a longer, healthier, more switched on life, so exercise is part of my program.  Staying fit for life will help to turn on your creative tap, energise you and make you look great all at the same time!  To become a artful living powerhouse you need to generate energy and the best way to do that is with exercise. Now I don’t care if you swim, run, play golf, ride horses, dance naked on your kitchen table or belong to a curling club.. just get some feckin’ exercise!

Big Love,




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