New Use for an Android Tablet


So about a year ago one of our computers shit itself. Bit of a problem as my partner likes gaming and I like to write and fiddle with photos and both of us use our computers at the same time. Logically we would have just gone out and bought another laptop but we were broke .. you know, poor, without extraneous cash. So, I in my infinite wisdom decided that I would go and buy a tablet until we could afford another computer.


Of course because I am the budget queen and we had feck all cash – I bought the cheapest one I could find in my purchasing parameters.  Can anyone say lemon?

For the last twelve months I have been fighting with this beast, trying to bend it to my will… for crying out loud I just want to send an email quickly, I am not looking to take over the world here! But Ooooh no, This 500g chunk of budget technology has been beating me at every turn.. thwarting my every move at efficiency and it has been downgraded to an e-reader, but frankly, it’s not even up to that.. so what to do with it?

I had thought about giving it as a gift to my nieces and nephew but then I thought that might not win me any brownie points with their Mum, my Sister, considering how much grief it’s been giving me. I thought about donating it to a school or something but they are all way smarter than me and have the kids on functioning Ipads and wouldn’t welcome the intrusion of a shonky second cousin with a “mind” of it’s own!

Then today when I was trying to trace something for a piece of art I had in mind … cartridge paper and tracing don’t mix – I was wishing I had a light box when I remembered that I had a light emitting thingo (LET) quietly charging away on the corner of my desk….

Could this work?

Well yes it does.. I put the item I wanted to trace under the paper and there it was, plain as day! Yahooo!  The only slight down side to this is that touch screen .. If you can get over the random apps popping up in the background this works a treat as a light box for tracing.  I figured out that as long as I held my work down at the edges of the screen it would be all good and the apps would mind their own business!

So if you are looking for a use for your crappy budget tablet and a lightbox .. here it is.  Use your tablet as a lightbox. Done.

You are welcome 😀

To you and your artful life




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