Luscious Latte Bowls by Sandra Lee Brown

Latte Bowl by Sandra Lee Brown

Latte Bowl by Sandra Lee Brown

Today in the Southern Hemisphere it is the third Sunday of the month which means one thing – It’s Sacred Tree Markets Day!!!  Wohoo! I go down to Branxton catch up with the friends that I met while I was a stall-holder and also it gives me a chance to ogle the lovely stuff that people have made….

As far as I am concerned Artful Living is about doing stuff that makes you fulfilled, while being surrounded by people who you love, oh and having stuff that you love filling the rooms, shelves and cupboards of your house!  So today when I was ogling and catching up all at the same time I dropped in on Sandra Lee Brown, a very funky ceramicist from Newcastle, who makes some very cool stuff and I noticed that she had produced some really beautiful bowls that immediately made me

a) want them all and

b) want a great big creamy latte!

There is something magic about sitting on the deck drinking your morning coffee from a beautifully hand-made vessel that you can cup perfectly in two hands.. warm, tactile and comforting.. hmmm bliss!  Sandra’s work is very textural…inviting your to touch and hold – They are a playground for your fingers and a feast for your eyes with their rich coloured glazes…Ahh Yum!

So after managing to decide between the red latte bowl and the purple with Sandra’s signature “flowers”  I walked away with the purple one pictured above… And I am going back next month to get a couple more .. so if you come to my house you will get your tea or coffee served in a gorgeous bowl 🙂

Check out a selection of Sandra’s Saucy Ceramics in the Gallery below.. If you are interested in finding out more about Sandra’s work or you would like a lovely Latte Bowl of your own … Please leave a comment, I better go and feed the furry ones

Big Love




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