The Fat Yak and a Dirty Granny


This is a Dirty Granny .. it’s cider, not actually an old person who needs a wash!

It’s the Tuesday after what has been the best weekend in ages..  beaches, cider, wine, discovering new places and capping it off with a helicopter ride.. WOHOO!! I can tell that it was a good weekend because yesterday I was struggling to keep my eyes open for most of the day, you know that kind of awesome exhaustion that comes from lots of sun and fresh air and maybe a little too much yanky-rum-drinky ( or cider in my case)

The whole plan was that we were going to go check out some op-shops and garage sales for cool stuff, stuff that I could use to practice some photography skills.  So off we went and I have to say that there was a LOT of very cool stuff happening out there, however I really noticed the fact that I have a micro car so all we came away with were a couple of DVD’s.  I did however manage to get a copy of Kellogg’s “Home Handbook of Hygiene and Medicine” marked in the front cover as 1908 by a precious owner.  It’s in shocking condition .. but who cares, old medical books make for hilarious reading and it was only 50c! Sweet!

After a brief wander on the beach (too breezy for swimming)  We went for a wander around Newcastle and found “Central” a rather funky bar in King St. It’s a showcase bar for Matilda Bay Brewery and I just love the way the owners have maintained a lot of the original character of the building .. it the old Newcastle Central hall and it reminded me a lot of the Christchurch Civic building after it was revamped several years ago (well before the earthquakes).  The most interesting thing about the decor was the Yak head behind the bar.. everywhere you look there are fake Deer and Stag heads made from cardboard appearing in peoples offices and homes .. but these guys have a Yak head!  I really hope that its a good reproduction but I have a feeling its real (bummer but cool).  Anyway I didn’t try the Fat Yak beer..But I did have the Dirty Granny which turned out to be fantastic.. a great balance of sweetness and acid, not overly yeasty and perfect on a stuffy day. All in all the Central was a refreshing find tucked away in the middle back of Newcastle’s CBD . Go Check it out for a great environment and some tasty craft beers….

Here is a photo of the Yak:



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