Best Pie EVER!! Soul Foods Newcastle

Thai Pie A


Saturday after a hard night of storm chasing/watching (see the photos here), Mr M. and I decided on a trip into Newcastle – for a general muck around and a quick visit to the camera shop. Having spent a small wad of cash at the camera store and having skipped breakfast in favour of photo editing we needed a snack.  Mr M had decided that he wanted pizza for tea so it needed to be small(ish). I personally could have eaten the bum-end of a rhino, but hey whatever!

So I suggested that we go check out the organic cafe /shop on Hunter Street that we had driven past a million times but never been into.. and it turned out to be a very good idea.

Soul Foods on Hunter Street, Newcastle,has a wonderful warm and eclectic style and feel about it. It is light, airy and extremely spacious having been a bank in a previous life… not your average pokey hippie cafe.  All the products are beautifully displayed and they have all sorts of great products including fresh organic vege’s grown at their own market garden in Largs.

Anyway about the snack…. We arrived just before closing and the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly (no looks of despair about late arrivals like I’ve had at some places I have visited…) The kitchen had stopped cooking but that was all good because there was a great array of food in the cabinets.. After eyeing up all the home made cakes and slices (mmmm cheesecake…)  I decided on the Thai curry pie.. a cute little thing that was perfectly sized for a late breaking breakfast/lunch/snack.  It was perfect.. yummy chicken thai green curry in a pie. The pastry was light and perfectly cooked, the filling was nice and chunky with minimal gravy, and it was heated to the perfect temperature so you could taste all the flavours and not burn the feck out of your tongue!  Mr M. order the same thing and as he is a pie guy .. the look of joy on his face pretty much said it all.. it was a win.

And because I love cake I also bought a caramel, peanut butter and white chocolate brownie (well it was actually a whitey..:-P) which I ended up having to share, it was also fantastic – hints of peanut, light caramel, on a white chocolate base.. great texture and flavour and not overly sweet YAY!!  Love cake but hate sugar blahs so this was perfect…

The coffee was awesome too 😀

So if you are in Newcastle looking for a meal, snack or just coffee and cake. Head to Soul Foods.. cos they rock!





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