Finding the Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Project – 1

Of Army Figurines and Plastic Dinosaurs

Of Army Figurines and Plastic Dinosaurs

Well yes this is going to be weird lol. A couple of weeks ago (maybe last week) we had a largish Christmas party at work which encompassed all the usual frivolity, too much food and booze and of course the good old Christmas cracker or what the Australians call “Bon Bons”.

During the evening people were pulling crackers and telling the terrible jokes and as my colleagues a I cleared the table, the contents of the Christmas crackers were being cleared as well. The first thing we noticed was that the crackers contained a LOT of plastic bugs .. seriously what kind of company puts plastic creepy crawlies in Christmas crackers? And also we would occasionally find am Army Man figurine (again..really?). The best part though was finding the little plastic dinosaurs which we set upon and started to collect on a shelf behind the bar.

By the end of the night we had five army figurines and about 20 dinosaurs .. and all the creepies went in the bin. None of us felt much like having a pocket full of cockroaches and spiders!

The above picture is of the collection as we gathered it… My workmate wanted to know what we could do with it and I came up with an idea – what if I took photos of the tiny Dinos and their Army men protectors in all sorts of weird and wonderful places?  My boss and co-workers looked at me like I’d lost my marbles. Their question was “Why?”.  Why not, I said, it  could be fun weird but fun.

So I give you the Dinosaur Project, A bit of fun and frivolity for 2015 🙂 I will post regular pictures of what the small tribe gets up to and maybe a small story to go with it. Good for kid in all of us.




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