Light Bulb Moment…

mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

That moment when you have a great idea and you begin the process of working through how you are going to do it. It is so exciting! You get your working drawings done, prep your canvas, assemble your tools and… it all goes to cheese in an instant when what’s in your head doesn’t land on the substrate. Hmmph.

What do I do when this happens?  I paint over the work and start again.. make up some cardboard to practice on, feck around on the web looking for tips to get me out of the crap, which then just leads me further from my intended outcome/picture in my head. Repaint. Paint over. Sit and stare into the distance and cogitate on why I suck so badly, attempt to finish the one that might work and then quit.

Sometimes I just have to face the fact that it just isn’t going the way I want it to and instead of beating myself up and going over and over the same ground getting nowhere fast – I just have to choose to accept that this is the best that can happen for now. I choose to look at the work in a different light and assess it on it’s own merits – not against the picture in my head. Sometimes it’s not as bad as we think.




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