A funny thing happened yesterday or you’ll never guess what happened to me…

gorgeous Catherine Hill Bay, NSW, Australia

Gorgeous Catherine Hill Bay, NSW, Australia

Yesterday we decided to go out for a bit. We have been a lot of places in our part of New South Wales but as we were going to visit a friend we decided to find a different beach, one near our friend’s part of town – for convenience of course!

So we arrived at Catherine Hill Bay – a lovely little piece of coast line, very picturesque indeed, but I am sad to say that the website I found it on (which shall remain nameless) had told a little untruth. The Village of Catherine Hill Bay is not at all like stepping back 100 years, 99.9% of the historic cottages had been modernised with clap board and aluminium windows – making it feel a bit like we had arrived in 1985, oh well, to the beach. Matt noted the presence of shark and jellyfish warnings on a sign by the stairs that lead to the beach. Gulp. This did not inspire confidence or the wish to swim. So a stroll down the beach it was, poking in rock pools and watching a very cool but slightly threatening pair of jelly fish make their wobbly way to the shore.

After a while being slightly crispy from sunshine and forgetting the sunblock we headed home via a few other really lovely spots where I could quite happily waste a lot of time. About twenty minutes into the trip Matt asks if I think we should stop for petrol and after a look at the fuel gauge we decided we should make it home o.k.

Not ten minutes later the car suddenly gave a cough and started to slow down… Yep, you guessed it completely out of gas.  Luckily we had arrived at the top of a hill and still had enough motion up to get over the top and roll down the other side gathering enough speed to turn a left hand corner, dodge some traffic, take a right hand, roll down another small hill and come to a perfectly choreographed stop 60 metres from a petrol station!!  Hahahaha absolutely brilliant – I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.. I love it when annoying, frustrating and potentially dangerous stuff turns into a really great story …

So to conclude i think I need a new fuel gauge 😛




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