The rights and wrongs of creating art


Jimmy1jimmy 2







Jimmy the Guinea Pig – drawn with a mechanical pencil


Last night I set about drawing a picture of one of my guinea pigs.. because some has requested a painting.. I posted the picture in two stages on Instagram, as above, and got a reasonably good response, which is fantastic. However I am hesitating about starting the painting in fear that I might get it “wrong”.  If you have ever painted, drawn or done anything, including getting out of bed, I am sure that you have encountered this kind of fear at some point. Heck, we are only  human!

So I went to the library and got out a pile of books that would sink your average cargo ship in search of the answer. I then went to the nearest open art store in search of the “right” tools, only to discover that didn’t have what I thought I wanted.  Then to add insult to procrastinating injury I came home and wasted several hours on the internet looking for the answer and the tools. Hmmph.. This is a pattern that I have repeated through everything I’ve done, more information will make me better… right? Maybe not. It’s your classic case of paralysis by analysis really.

Yes good technique will help you get better results and having good quality gear will mean your results last longer but at the end of the day whether I draw with a burnt stick, paint with house paint or use all the top of the line gear from Ekersley’s – it’s neither right nor wrong. It just is. Practice is what makes you better at the end of the day and creating and making is so much better when you enjoy yourself and quit worrying about whether or not your art will measure up or last as long as the Sistine Chapel ceiling. When it comes to art there is no right or wrong only opinion, perspective and experimentation.

Oh I apologise for the poor quality of my Instagram Pictures…



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