The wonderful world of self taught…

More Guinea Pigs...

Another Sketchbook page, Yep more Guinea Pigs…

Since i have been posting sketches and finished illustrations on Instagram, I have also been cruising through the people who have liked them and checking out their stuff, as you do.  Which then ends up leading you down all sorts of visual rabbit holes and what I have found most interesting about all of this is the immense pool of incredibly talented and skilled people their are in ( on the fringes or nowhere near) the art community. It is interesting to note that a large portion of the ones I have discovered so far are self taught.  Seriously.. Check out this guy Makhmud Makhmedov, stunning works in mechanical pencil and regular ol’ ball point pen or perhaps Melanie from Germany?.  I love seeing what these wonderful, talented people are sharing.

I find it also interesting that I no longer feel intimidated by people who have what may be greater skill or talent than I do. I spent years thinking the self taught wan’t good enough so put myself through art school. Even though I completed my art school stuff, I still felt inferior for a very long time. lots of excuses – It wasn’t the best school or course, every one was better than me and all my tutors were just ,as they say, “blowing smoke up my ass” about liking my work and having a great future.

I no longer feel that way .. Maybe I am growing up? Hahahha! I think not! What it is is a certain confidence in my own abilities, being comfortable in my own artistic skin and no longer feeling the need to compare where I am with other people. Also I know that all the different styles, talents and skills in the world make it a much more beautiful place to be.

To finish here is a very short list of some of my instagram favs:

Toby Simon Celebrating his heritage in fabric and ink

Piet Van – from Belgium morph together cows and zebras …

Lorraine Loots – Making art for ants – A gallery of amazing work from around the ‘gram

Henry the Hedgehog because hedgehogs are awesome!!

Not on Instagram:

Carla Sonheim – Imaginary animals and freer of creativity….

My favourite self taught artist at the moment Sarah Stokes

Oh and of course #guineapig 😀 because I am obsessed!

Anyway the moral of the story is make your art – however best you see fit and enjoy the journey, compare yourself to no-one, aim to be better than yesterday and remember that this is your life, your art and yours alone – oh and share it!



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