Sweet Week .. sweet wine :-)

long Island iced Tea

Here I am at the end of my week. It’s my second week back at work after a 3 week break and I have to say- I love my job!  This week I have been offered a job (sort of), free trip around a rather prestigious museum, been given a gift, free wine and had people tell me that they love coming in to my work when I’m there… How cool is that?  I take the compliments (and gifts) when they come because it’s nice to get recognition however it is offered. I am honoured when people tell me that they enjoy my company whenever that may be.

So what do I do when I am not drawing pictures, taking photos and writing mindless drivel on my blog?

I work as a waitress and have done for 20 years now (I think) and I enjoy it.  Once I got over the “it’s not a real job” – “it’s not a career” – I should be doing something more important with my life” bollocks and excuses (recently) I really started to enjoy it…

It’s not a job that’s for everybody – it’s hard, has peculiar hours and you better like who you work with cos that’s who you are going to be socialising with! While all your other friends and your family are tucking themselves into bed you are working .. but DAMN you meet some awesome people.. and lots of them. Ok so you meet some real ass wipes too, but I am pleased to say they are a minority.

So here I am at the end of a six day week with sore feet and red eyes, it’s been awesome and challenging but it makes your wine taste sweeter.



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