So I have been busy the last week doing nothing but hanging out. It’s been awesome! Mum in law was over from New Zealand and we had a great time talking, doing small trips and achieving very little. Time to get back to it but
today the bowling alley was closed (as it usually is on a Monday) so I am forced to do other things.. Like create random creatures out of stuffed animals, wire, yarn and bits and pieces of fabric. It’s an exercise in patience and kind of a lack of control because I cannot really force the work to become other than what it will be. The whole idea is to just use what you have and see what happens. I started here:


And arrived here:


From squishy, slightly battered soft toy hound to, well, I’m not sure what it is exactly but now it’s part of the imaginarium that is growing in the lounge!


Sometimes doing nothing turns into a whole bunch of somethings. I’m off to watch the storm that is brewing outside my house.



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