Lying on the sofa eating junk food…

Sometimes this is the best thing to do – I refer you to Blue Feather’s Herbal by Randall White. He states in this book (I paraphrase) that most of the time do the right things re diet, exercise and all that but other times lie on the sofa watching movies and eating junk food.. maybe he wasn’t being literal but that’s pretty much what I did all week, or at least that’s what it feels like. The other half was off work all week due to the inclement weather conditions (read Australian East Coast Low that pole-axed trees, roofs and sent a deluge across the state that killed people and still has people without power and water nearly a week later.)

Kaitlyns Car

A friend of mine drove into a flash flood on Monday night.. she got out, but her car hasn’t been seen since…

I haven’t been near the studio at all, too cold and wet and I had a bit of a cold , which left me with no real desire to do anything at I stayed home and worked on my 100 day project drawings (some good and some not so much) and got ready for my first major commission – Taking photos of the Anzac Day 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign for the NSW state library, which was on Saturday.  I took a 1000 photos and hopefully I have something in all that that they will like. I’m pretty nervous about it really, it’s an honour to be asked and its things like this that make doubt my abilities. Ahh whatever, I am about to go and re-look at what I got and get hooked in!

Here is the week in photos…


Friday my car decided to split a fuel line and spray petrol down the New England Highway – Am I lucky? You betcha!


One line drawings of Andrew Wyeth from Andrew Zuckerman’s photo book


Same drawings scanned and worked with pencil and markers


A little fat Sparrow


Possibly the worst Anzac day drawing EVER!!!

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall from the same Andrew Zuckerman book – One line drawing completed with colour pencils


One line drawing of a lady I know which I drew from a selfie she had posted on facebook .. I love this!

Anyway it’s time to get back to it after a week of loafing around 🙂  Have a great week – I know I’m going to!



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