Merge, Simplify and Get on with it!

Kowlo smallToday’s #Drawingoftheday – “Frida Kowlo” available at Redbubble

So I recently realised that I have so many different blogs, webpages and facebook pages running that it’s no wonder I feel daunted by the whole thing! Too many things to update and administrate, so In an effort to get back to basics I have merged my photo blog with this one and will be using this blog as my home base for EVERYTHING I do instead of phaffling around all over the web.

My interests are many and varied .. Art, Food, Fitness, Movies, Books, Photography, Pets, Politics (GASP!!), human relations and well, just about anything! so that’s what this blog is going to be from now on .. A mash up of everything I love and am interested in.  I might get more blogging done, who knows?


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