Artistree - Mixed media on paper

Artistree – Mixed media on paper

Today I went on a mad cleaning bender.. It all started with the guinea pig hutch and it morphed out of control from there.  It has occured to me over the years that I am a bit of a slob – seriously though there are much more interesting things to do than clean your house, right? I personally know several people who would disagree, but they don’t live here!

Being creative seems to lend itself to being a bit of a messy bugger – truly.  There were socks migrating all over the house and a washing basket that was over flowing and the bed needed changing and well the list goes on but its done now, washing washed, clean washing away, bed changed, floor vacuumed (how do you spell that?!) and the guinea pigs have a nice clean home which they will mess up before it gets dark. They just don’t care about hygiene!!

sasquatch sept 17 2014

Since all of that was done I thought that I would frame up a charcoal/pastel drawing for the Singleton Art Prize but it turns out the hole in the mat board was about 2.5 mm too long for the picture .. dang it all, know I will have to go to the picture framers for a custom mat. Hmmph. never mind, it will look awesome when its done.

Todays drawing is another from the ever-growing “Unusual Botany” series.. also available in about 10 minutes on Red Bubble.

See Ya’ll next time



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