Hayfever Sucks!

Red Grass Flower

Red Grass Flower

So it turns out that this pretty little grass is the bain of my existence! Thank you very much Ms. Edgar for enlightening me about this .. Oh that and wattle flower.  Since I have been in Australia I have been getting some of the worst and definitely the most consistent hayfever of my life, but weirdest and worst of all its happening in winter!!  At home New Zealand it was a Christmas event.. other people get presents for Christmas, I get sick as a dog. Deep joy. Lucky ol’ me.

It’s not often you will catch me publicly whinging about my problems but I am frankly sick of having a year round runny nose, leaden limbs, itchy skin, itchy eyes and projectile sneezing (sorry, that was probably too much information!) not to mention muscle aches from constant sneezing and having to take time off work because hospitality and snot aren’t a winning combination. So I trotted off (well, dragged myself) to the doctor today and its more steroids and a trip to the immunologist to check its not something else.. (Please god don’t let it be wine!!!) and hopefully I will get fixed up.

On the upside I went to the framers today to get a mat made for the picture that didn’t fit.. looks like magic and literally took five minutes.. Thanks to you Framing Memories in Rutherford for making my life a little easier!

Anyway i need to go work on the next instalment of “unusual botany” for tomorrow .. wish me luck and thank god my pens are waterproof!



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