Blowing of the trumpet – Toot Toot!


A while ago I was struggling with this portrait of a friend that she didn’t know I was painting.  I finally got it finished and looks like this:


Which I was happy with and so was my friend… then today I had another stuggly kind of day at the studio, Perhaps I should get used to the challenge?? I am working on a picture that is a little more difficult than ones I have previously worked on, lots of weird angles and skin tones but then I got home and checked my email and found this …download

I received a Special Recognition in an online art competition that I entered last month .. woot woot!  Feeling better about the struggle with this small warm fuzzy 🙂 Also helpful as I have entered the Singleton Art Prize this year and appearantly the calibre of work is high so I am pretty nervous about whether or not I “measure up” against other artists, really at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because I’m going to keep going anyway lol

You can check out the exhibition here: Figurative Exhibition – July 2015

Thanks for stopping by and listening to be blow my own trumpet



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