Do you need therapy?

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If you are like the rest of us .. then probably lol. The problem is can you afford it? again if you are like the rest of us then probably not.  What if you could take time out of your busy life once a month just to relax, chill out and focus on something that has nothing to do with anything else you do ? That would be pretty darn good, wouldn’t it!

Well now you can – That’s what all this adult colouring business it all about, you may have noticed that colouring has become quite a major thing to spend your spare time doing and there is a plethora of adult colouring books out there for you to choose from. People are all over it like white on rice, and usually I run away from any new craze like a dog with it’s tail on fire but this one is just my sort of thing so apx 3 months ago I started putting together a colouring calendar. I thought “Why not?”, I have been published three times now in three separate drawing/ zendoodle books so I take that to mean that I have a reasonable amount of ability – well at least thats what people tell me And now it is done I have just put up for sale on Gumroad.  So now you can get a years worth of therapy for just $20 (actally less than that if you life in the US as the Australian dollar has gone all squishy around the middle, but I am not going to bore you with poorly informed economic chit chat)

Anyway if you or anyone you know needs some cheap therapy go grab a copy of the Colouring Calendar now – Put it in your office and annoy the shit out of your boss by taking regular breaks to colour and tell them it’s for your mental health!

Have a good one



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