Colour This!

Z a colouring page

You love to colour, I love to draw (and colour) but mostly I love the drawing part so as you know I have just completed a 2016 Colouring Calendar which is now up for sale  and you can watch the video over here.

But further to that I have also created a whole bunch of alphabet sheets for you to colour in. I stared my uploadings with m


which is pretty complex and took me over a week of diligent doodling to complete and then today I uploaded Z, which is the picture above and the one that I coloured first for myself.. because I love the childlike playfulness of the zepplins which are like big grey balloons.  Most of the letters of the alphabet are around some sort of theme Like G is for Garden and that sort thing and some have room for to add your own flavour to them before you begin to colour.

Anyway I am selling them at a good price because I want people to have access to creativity and colour and well, fun! So go check out my shop page and grab yourself a downloadable printable PDF of the colouring pages. I will be adding more as the days progress ..

Have a wonderful weekend


Heres a tortoise that I drew at work last night and posted on instagram (jayworling_artist) – Hey I was waiting for customers to finish their meals!Tortoise


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