What I’m reading #1


So I have been thinking about sharing what I’m reading with you for ages but frankly i am a bit of a slow starter 😜 .. But here we go after a lot of procrastination I’m getting this underway and mostly because I am reading something a bit different…

“Craft for the soul” by Pip Lincolne. I really don’t know why I picked this up at the library the other day as its not usually my sort of thing at all.. I am a serious how-to book kind of gal. I want the information so I can get on with the job. But just a few pages in I was diving for my notebook so I could undertake so well rounded list making.  Pip’s style is fun and fresh, if just a little to flowery for me but there is the odd swear word which helps me feel that its all a bit more real.  The book is very well presented, with a cute hardbound cover and it is well laid out, easy to navigate.
This would be a great book for you if you are looking for get out of bed and do stuff motivation …also good for us creatives who get trapped in our own bullshit.. Ohh and there is a pancake recipe I want to try… I think that I would buy this book because I want to scribble in it and highlight stuff and use the cute page markers I bought last week!
You can check Pip Lincolne out over at her meetmeatmikes website.
Anyway I’ve gottaget back to this book
Ciao for now


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